Sky burial ceremony

I imagined the picture of the family opening a box with small cut parts of the body, vultures flying in to take all of them and then flying high to the sky after. Taking the body to the heaven like a guardian angels. Sky burial. The curiosity took over and early morning the next day, me and Avishai headed to the sacred hill.

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This is the number one question I heard regarding me travelling in Asia alone. And it’s not just me. All the travellers I talked with confirm the same; we are ALL getting this question again and again. And let me tell you the secret – we HATE it! 😀 But I understand the concern behind. […]

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Bagan Vs. Angkor

Imagine you’re standing somewhere in the North of Thailand on a road. You are exactly halfway between Bagan in Myanmar and Angkor in Cambodia and have only time to visit one. Which direction should you start travelling? I’ve been lucky enough to visit both. Below, I will outline some of the standout reasons to pick […]

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Why persistence matters… #1

Travel can be incredibly hard. I know that statement smacks of a first world problem, and indeed a lot of people will dismiss the following post as middle class whinging. However, the truth is that on the road small problems can compound one another, and if you’re travelling alone, it can feel quite isolating. I want […]

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This doesn't have to be goodbye

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